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WordPress vs Medium

There are a lot of blogging platforms out there, but two of the most popular platforms out there are WordPress and Medium. We’ll be reviewing both of them below and discuss what features the both of them have, allowing you to decide which platform works best for your blogging requirements and target audience.



If you’ve been using the internet for quite some time, WordPress requires no introduction. WordPress is available in two variants: which can be installed on your website server or which is hosted on WordPress servers, like my blog. Both the options are free, however, is open source and free to download but you still have an expense of hosting etc. on the other hand, is completely free. Bear in mind though that the functionality on is limited as opposed to on the free plan if you want additional functionality you have to upgrade to the paid plans available.

WordPress isn’t just a blogging platform. Many businesses also use WordPress for stuff like e-commerce as well as advertising their products and services online. Many news websites also use WordPress.

The benefits of are that there is a whole community of like-minded bloggers out there looking for new blogs to follow, so you have quite a few readers, to begin with as opposed to where you basically have to market your site more to get views. Another cool little feature of is that you can follow blogs that you like and every time you open WordPress the newest posts from blogs you follow appear in your reader. Bear in mind, however, that the views you will get initially from the community is fairly low compared to what you will get on Medium as we will discuss later below.



Medium is fairly new to the web. It has quite a large base of users and is growing rapidly, becoming more popular by the day. However, Medium’s approach is different from WordPress. WordPress basically allows you to have your own website, themes etc. and you have control over your site. Medium, on the other hand, is similar to a social networking site, per se. You just write articles, people view them and yeah. More so, it’s not like a blog where you have a page that has all your posts.

One neat little feature of Medium that WordPress lacks is publications. Basically, more like a magazine, you can create a publication and write articles inside that specific publication. You can group posts in categories in a blog, but it still isn’t as convenient as a publication.

Below we will compare some of the key features between Medium and WordPress.

Writing interface.

When it comes to writing interface, it can’t get much better than Medium’s. A completely minimalistic and distraction-free interface, it really can’t get much better than this.



A minimalistic and distraction-free writing experience. It really doesn’t get much better than this.



Again, WordPress is a blog and a website. The customizations you can get with WordPress is far higher than what you get with Medium, which is more like a social network. With WordPress, you get a huge variety of themes available, and you can even dive into CSS and make your site exactly the way you want it. You can have different pages, fonts, you name it. Medium is merely just a write and publish tool. Sure, you do have a huge community there waiting to read your article as opposed to having your own website, but a website is a website.


Readability on WordPress is theme dependent. It all boils down to what theme you have. Readability on Medium is nice and easy on the eyes. The font is big and easy to read.


Medium has a lot of users. It’s a very big community that loves reading and will be more than happy to check your post out as soon as it’s out. Medium also has a feature called ‘recommend’ which is basically more like a ‘like’ feature. When you recommend an article on Medium, it will show that article to your followers, thus promoting that article. Basically like a ‘share’ feature. WordPress, on the other hand, is a website. If you’re using there is a community out there looking for blogs to follow, so you’ll have quite a few readers, to begin with. I’ve made quite a few blog friends on WordPress too. 😉


There is no way of saying which platform is better. It all boils down to what your requirements are. WordPress may work for me but Medium could be better for you. But the points that are given above should (hopefully) help you decide what platform is best for you.

The best way to find out what platform works for you is to go and check them out. On all of the options above, deleting your account is simple and hassle free.


What blogging platform do you use? What are your reasons? Let everyone know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading this, guys. With that, see you all next time 🙂

P.S Please comment ideas below for my next horse & rider weekly post, I’m completely out of ideas!






What Jonty thinks while being ridden

So today’s post is going to have a bit of a twist to it. I decided to post something fun, so I’m going to do “what Jonty thinks while being ridden”. Without further ado, let’s get into this.

When you click your tongue.

Ugh human. Stop making that irritating noise. You think that’s going to make me go forward. Ugh. What a waste of time and energy!

When you say “trot on!”

As if I understand English. What do these humans expect of me? To understand their stupid languages?

When you squeeze.

Oh hey human. You think your lousy little legs are going to do anything? Oh stop annoying me, for once! You’re not going to get me forward but you’re just irritating me.

When you kick.

Blech. Stop it. Oh, well you won’t leave me alone. I’ll just have to go faster! Ugh the hate I have for these humans.

When you kick harder.

Ugh don’t kick the living daylights out of me! Fine fine I’ll go faster!

When you tap on the shoulder.


When you smack on the shoulder.

Ugh just stop annoying me.

When you kick & smack on the shoulder at the same time.

Why do you have to ride me anyway??

When you tap on the bottom.

*raise head* What do you think you’re doing human? *go faster*

When you smack on the bottom.

*pathetic little buck* Just leave me alone or get off my back!! *go faster*

When the reins are too long.

FREEDOM!! I AM FREE!! Oh wait… annoying human is still on my back, talking to the other annoying human on the ground. (instructor)

When the reins are too short.


When you make Jonty go in front of the lesson.

Human, you know I’m a follower. How will I become a leader? Oh hey other horse… I’m going to kick you. *tries to kick horse behind*

When someone’s cutting the grass in the field more than 2 miles away.

Human! HUMAN! THERE’S A MONSTER in that field!!! YES A MONSTER!!!! AHHHH! Take me away take me away now!!

When the horse in front is going too slow.

You see, human wants me to go. But the other human doesn’t want his horse to go. What choice do I have? *go from canter to walk*

When the horse behind is coming too close.

Human! That horse is going to eat me ahhhh!!! Oh I see human won’t do anything… *slow down and try to kick*

When the rider gets distracted.

Oh, the joy. The joy I have! In slowing down. Every second, but human does not realize.

Human’s POV:
*suddenly find himself in the middle of the arena almost at a halt*

When the rider gets nervous and does something stupid.

*lays ears back* Ugh human. Just wish I could throw you off!

Those are just some of the cool stuff that goes on during our lessons! I hope you enjoyed.

And, with that, see you guys NEXT TIME!!

Things NOT to do at the barn

If you’re a horse owner who stables their horse at a public barn, you know there’s always that one person: and I don’t even need to say who that one is. So below are some things NOT to do at the barn, so you’re not one of those people.

  1. Don’t be Mr / Ms. Richest
    A common pet peeve of all horse owners is that one person at the barn who has a lot of money to splurge, but the worst part is: he/she goes on bragging about it.
  2. Don’t be Mr / Ms. Know it all
    Sure, you may know a lot, but you certainly don’t know EVERYTHING. Others do know more than you know, just saying.
  3. Grooms are human beings too, in case you didn’t know.
    So STOP treating them like a piece of… I needn’t say any further.
  4. Rider’s pay the instructor for classes, not you.
    So let the instructor do their job unless they ask you for help, which I’m sure is never, ever going to happen. Don’t go on being the instructor that everyone is plain fed up of. Just let a professional instructor do their job, please.
  5. Don’t be that annoying music man.
    You love to listen to music. Nothing wrong with that. But you play it at such a loud volume that it can be heard on the other side of the barn. Not everybody loves the music that you do, just saying. Besides, how do your ears even cope with such a loud volume?

I think that’s all what I have to say. This post is not intended as an offense to anyone.

Short post :/

But yeah, with that, see you all next time!

A tragic Minecraft experience

Wow. So just a few days ago, I wrote a post on tips for surviving the Nether. Looks like the Ghasts in my world weren’t happy with that. Well, I’ll tell you a story about my experience in Minecraft.

I had this survival world for 3 weeks. I started out as just any random survival player; punching trees and gathering resources, making a house, making a bed, mining etc. However, I got exceptionally lucky, in fact, luckier than I have ever been in a survival world. I’ll tell you why.

I started a Mineshaft going down until I struck a cave. A cave filled with iron and Redstone. However, there was a one-block hole in the floor I didn’t notice, underneath which there was a pool of lava. You can imagine what would’ve happened. I did lose quite a lot of stuff, however, I didn’t lose everything. You see, before I (my Minecraft self) died, I managed to swim in the lava as close to land as possible. That way, when I died, a few of my stuff burnt in the lava, but quite a lot of it popped out on land. My spawn point was at my house, and I had seen my stuff pop out on land. I immediately went down the mineshaft, vary of the hole this time. I expanded the hole in the floor so I could go down and collect my stuff. I managed to retain my helmet and leggings, however, I lost my chest plate and boots. I then blocked the lava out with cobblestone and carried on exploring the cave.

As if my death had something to do with it, I found diamonds. I however first mined the iron and Redstone, went back up to my house, smelted the iron and replenished my tools that I had lost in my (not so tragic) death.

I went back down the mineshaft a Minecraftian day later, all ready to mine the diamond. I mined around the diamond (which you should always do, to make sure there’s no lava or anything around) and to my surprise, I found 5 diamonds. I made sure there was nothing left to mine in my reach (there was a lot of stuff that was right next to lava; I was in no mood to even attempt mining that). I went back up into my house and crafted myself a diamond sword and pickaxe; thus finishing my diamonds, but come on, what else should you make?

After a few Minecraftian days, I went back down into the mineshaft and found obsidian. Score! I mined the obsidian with much difficulty due to the lava surrounding it. I went back up in my house (sorry for saying that so many times) and made myself a Nether portal.

I then wrote my tips on surviving the Nether post, mostly as a motivation for myself and points for me. Until yesterday, I geared up the courage and went into the Nether.

Everything seemed to be going well. I survived 2 ghast attacks, accidently stared at an Enderman but killed it. However, during one of the Ghast battles, a fireball landed on the roof of the Nether near the portal, and a lava fall started, surrounding my portal with lava. To top it up, I was afraid of blocking the lava off because of 2 magma cubes in the vicinity. I then performed a neat little magic trick and got rid of the magma cubes (I quickly turned my difficulty to peaceful causing them to despawn, then turned my difficulty up again.)

I then started to block off some of the lava by placing cobblestone around the portal. And that’s when the real tragedy hit.

A ghast didn’t like the fact that I gave tips on fighting ghasts in my blog post. He shot a fireball at me. It missed. However before I could move, he shot a second one which pushed me into the lava fall. Within seconds, I died. And as far as I could remember, I heard all my stuff burning. As I respawned, I immediately turned my difficulty to peaceful and went back into the nether, to verify the loss of my stuff. The results were exactly what I had expected. All my stuff burnt down. Not only that but also a huge pit of fire right at my portal.

Stricken with tragedy, I went back into the overworld. I’d have to start, everything from scratch. Fortunately, I had kept back some stuff in my chest back home, so as to give me a kick start, but still. I lost all my diamond tools, my cobblestone, my torches, my armor. And I doubt if I would be able to get myself established again.

I am now confused with two choices. And I need your opinion on what you would do in this type of a scenario.

Choice #1: Start afresh with a new world, or
Choice #2: Start afresh in the same world, so you can utilize the little stuff you had.

Please comment below what would you do in this type of a scenario! And I’d like to offer my condolences to CrazyMiner02, who was so tragically killed by a ghast.

Quite a dramatic and action filled post! Everything mentioned above, by the way, is real and not made up. With that, see you guys next time!

Gaming weekly: Tips for surviving the Nether in Minecraft

The Nether is every Minecraftian’s nightmare. Only a few brave people venture to the Nether, and only a few survive. Below are some tips that I’ve gathered for going into the Nether:

  1. Keep obsidian and a flint & steel with you.
    That is in case a ghast damages your portal, you’re not trapped in the nether, FOREVER.
  2. Try and build a cobblestone house around your portal, as soon as you reach the nether.
    Again, ghasts. Ghasts are the nightmare of any Minecraft player.
  3. Try and stay as close to the portal as possible.
    That way, if you fall in a fight with a pigman, you can quickly hop back into the overworld. Venture far from your portal in the overworld to make the pigman forget you, then return back.
  4. Stay away from soul sand!!
    Soul sand is a block found in the nether. Nothing wrong with that, however when you try to walk on soul sand, you walk extremely slow. I must add that it doesn’t affect mobs.
  5. Keep your eyes on the floor.
    Because in the nether, it’s possible that there’s a 1 block hole in the ground, below which lies a huge pool of lava.
  6. Lava flows faster in the nether than in the overworld.
    Lava is actually quite sluggish in the overworld, but not in the nether! In the nether, lava moves at the speed that water moves at in the overworld. And you had better know, water is really fast in the overworld. So be careful out there.
    These otherwise neutral mobs, when hit, they form a coalition and attack you all at once. Death guaranteed. Only pick up a fight with a pigman if you have a SMITE enchantment on a diamond sword, that way you can kill it faster. Or else, only attack a pigman if you’re lost and want to get back to spawn and have placed all your stuff in an Enderchest.
  8. Use the Nether as means of transportation.
    Have two houses in the overworld? Both of which are worlds apart from each other? Not to worry. One block travelled in the nether = eight blocks travelled in the overworld. You can back a Minecart system in the Nether from one portal to the other. You save far more time.
  9. Do not waste arrows on ghasts.
    The only easiest way to kill a ghast is by deflecting its own fire charges. Quick and easy with no resources on your part. Only use arrows if you have a very good aim, or simply have too many arrows to waste.

I think that’s all what I have to say! Quick and short post, just to keep the ball rolling. I’m going to upload a Horse & Rider Weekly this Friday, which I haven’t uploaded in ages so stay tuned for that as well!

Until then, see you guys next time 🙂

Horse & Rider Weekly #14: Dealing with horse changes

Today’s post is actually going to start off as a message to all instructors out there before we get on to the rider’s point of view.
In the horse world, you’re going to come across a lot of instructors. And I’m saying this because it’s a fact of life: you will come across AT-LEAST 2 instructors. And like anything, each instructor has his/her own opinions and own styles of teaching. Now this also goes in conjunction with the student’s style of learning. So today’s topic will be about changing horses.
Many instructors believe that changing horses every lesson, or every other lesson, helps you to learn quicker and to gain more experience. Now again, this goes in conjunction with the student: sometimes the student really does learn better! Some instructors believe that sticking to one horse helps you learn quicker, and only once you reach a certain level of confidence should you be transferred to another horse, to broaden your experience. And many students feel that way too, me for example. It would be perfect if the two types of instructors and the two types of riders corresponded with each other, but the world is a broad place. I’ve been through both of the above types of instructors, and I prefer being with the latter, the one who believes in sticking to one horse. However, it was only recently that I got to stick to one horse: so I’m going to provide some tips below on how to cope with a horse change if you’re a rider like me, but before that, I’m going to put a message out there for all instructors first from a student’s perspective.

TALK. Talk to your students. Discuss what learning styles suit them, and also discuss what teaching style you prefer. Remember, in the teaching industry, it’s impossible to go by the book. You need to adapt as per the student’s style, what helps him/she learn faster and better. So talk and adapt yourself as per the student’s requirements.

Okay, now that we have addressed the instructors out there, time to get back to students with tips on how to cope with a horse change, if you’re a rider like me. These tips do seem to work for me, so I’m not sure if they’ll work for you or no.

  1. Relax!!
    As with anything in the horsey world, relaxation is key. Remember, the horse knows when you’re nervous and then he gets nervous. And when the horse gets nervous, all I can say is things won’t go well. Just relax, and watch the magic happen.
  2. Think to yourself: “what if this was the horse I am used to?”
    Just ask yourself the question and think it over. Start imagining that this is the horse you’re used to riding (in my case, that would be Jonty.) It doesn’t make a dramatic difference, but it does help. You know, something is better than nothing.
  3. Stop thinking!
    After relaxation, the most important thing is to stop thinking. Talking from experience, the more you think, the more you make things bad for yourself. Simply put, if you get thrown on a new horse which you haven’t seen in your life then STOP THINKING about it being a new horse, just go ahead and DO IT. Believe me, it works. However, one important thing to remember is that this goes in conjunction with relaxation. The two just have to work together: you can’t not relax but stop thinking then expect it to work, or vice versa.
  4. Ask others about the horse you’re given.
    If you’re taking lessons, then ask your instructor about the horse. Unfortunately, though, many people are shy to ask questions. And the reason for this? Simply put,  many instructors out there hate it when their students ask them so-called stupid questions. And I’ve also encountered instructors like that in the past: so here I am, putting yet another message out there for instructors:

    Teaching is all about questions. And simply put, if you cannot tolerate questions then simply give up on teaching. Put yourself in the student’s shoes and think.

    If you’re not taking lessons, then ask other riders at your yard. Whoever you ask, though, don’t be shy. And the reason you should ask is because each horse has his own perks. For example, in my case, Jonty doesn’t mind – sometimes he’s immune to the riding crop on his shoulder, but when you go behind your leg he bucks. Bibi, on the other hand, hates the riding crop altogether, irrespective of where. If I wouldn’t have asked my instructor where to use the crop on Bibi, things would’ve turned out much worse because I’d have hit him hard as I’m used to on Jonty, only to find myself running around and around because Bibi thought I hit him too hard: he took it as a cue for a canter or a gallop. So please, in the best interest of you and your horse, don’t be shy to ask!

So I think that’s all that I can say: writer’s block as always :/
If you have any other tips please leave them in the comments below!
With that, see you next time 🙂

Horse & Rider Weekly #13: Road safety with horses

Today’s post will be addressing one of the most dangerous places a horse and rider can ever visit: the road. It’s a worldwide danger and many horse and human deaths have happened in the past due to reckless drivers just blowing them out. So I’ll start with a important message to all drivers first:

Be considerate of others on the road, be it cyclists, drivers, horse riders, anyone. Remember, horses have a fight or flight reaction and if any car approaches at speeds that would set the horse’s reaction off, the horse will try to fight, or will take flight. And when it takes flight, it runs into places that are very harmful, and can result in serious injury, or even death, not only to the horse, but the human with the horse. SO PLEASE, DRIVE LIKE A HUMAN BEING AND BE CONSIDERATE!!!!!!

If there’s one thing doing outrides in Linbro Park has taught me, it’s road safety. And I’ve been on the main roads of Linbro park, where the speed limit is 40-50 Km/h but drivers are flying at 80, 90, and even 100 Km/h. So, below are some tips to keep you and your horse safe from monsters on the road.

  1. Try to stay on the sidewalk, and if possible, stay deeper in the sidewalk, furthest from the road.
  2. Try to avoid going out on the road alone, always try to have a group of at least 4 people.
  4. If there’s a need to cross the road, always try to do so at a stop sign or a traffic light. If you have to do it in the middle of the road, wait until there’s no car in sight. Don’t take the slightest chance by thinking “that car is far, I’ll make it” rather wait 15 minutes then putting your and your horse’s life at risk!
  5. If you’re in a group and a rider falls off in the middle of the road, the other group members should immediately:
    A: Block the traffic at least 10 meters on either side of the fallen rider.
    B: One member should stay by the rider and watch the horse, and should see if help is needed. If there’s an instructor in the group, let him/her take this post, since all instructors have first aid knowledge. A NOTE TO INSTRUCTORS: WHEN GOING ON OUTRIDES, ALWAYS CARRY A FIRST AID KIT WITH YOU!! If there’s no instructor in the group, then:
    BA: Immediately call emergency services.
    BB: If there are properties near you, try to get a grown up from there to help you out.
    C: If the rider is okay help him/her back to his/her feet, help them in mounting back on, make sure they are comfortable before resuming traffic flow.
    D: Don’t worry about drivers going crazy. A rider’s safety is more important; traffic can wait. If there are more members in a group, then let them explain a few of the drivers what the situation is, so they know they are stopped for a valid reason. Also, who knows? One of them could be a qualified medic / doctor and can assist!
  6. If you’re in a group and a rider’s horse spooks in the middle of the road, the other members should immediately:
    A: Block traffic at least 10 meters on either side from the spooking horse.
    B: The other members should assist in calming the horse down, even if it means having to dismount and handing your horse over to another rider. Remember, it’s the road, so a little bit of inconvenience goes a long way!
  7. Practice emergency dismounting before hand. Just in case. But please, in the best interest of you and your horse, keep emergency dismounting as the last resort.

I think that’s all what I have to say on this topic.


With that, see you all next time.

My Opinion On: Putting animals to sleep


It’s fairly common in today’s time: an animal was sick so he was euthanised. And I’m not even talking about the animals that are unlawfully taken and euthanised, I’m talking about animals that the owners themselves kill. They think they are being merciful, but in reality they are just plain murderers.

Think about it, you take a human to hospital. The nurse says, “he’s critical”. So you say, “Put him out of his misery”. Can you? It’s definitely not easy, maybe even impossible. So, how do these people kill their own animals? I can never.

Killing something is not easy, especially something that’s not doing you any harm. Yet these people take their animals to the euthanasia room with their own hands, and walk out strutting like they did a good deed, yet a poor, innocent animal lost his life. Why? Simply because they didn’t want him any more.

There are 2 types of animal murderers that I know of:
1. Killing an animal because he’s sick.
2. Killing an animal because they don’t want him anymore

Both the types of murders that are listed above are equally horrible. Let’s say we replace the animals with humans, namely, our loved ones. I’ll give you 2 scenarios below.

A family member falls ill. You know he’s critical. His chances of survival are 50/50. You know you’re going to get a hectic bill from the hospital. So, you decide to take him to the euthanasia room, and then you strut around the world as if you’re a hero, and you brag all over social media that you put him out of his misery and that you were merciful to him.

A family member grows old and weak, unable to do any work. You look at him as a burden; a big expense on your shoulders for nothing. In simple terms: you want to get rid of him. So, you take him to the euthanasia room, leave him in there, and walk out, not guilty at all.

How gruesome and outrageous do the above scenarios sound? Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying that animals should be treated like family; I’m not that extreme. Obviously, family takes priority. But, I mentioned family to make the scene clear in your head.

Now think, when we do it to animals, doesn’t it sound similar to the scenarios above?

I could write a novel about this topic, how much it frustrates me.

But now, we come to the animals that are unlawfully taken away. If I’m mistreating an animal, you’ll come, take my animal away from me, but to where? To the euthanasia room. Why? What wrong did the animal do? And that’s what really pisses me off, because you know what they claim? They claim that they were being merciful to the animal, and now this is the best part: they murdered an animal in the best interest of the animal. Words cannot describe how much this thing frustrates me; even while writing this, my fingers are becoming agitated and my mind is firing out paragraphs in rage.

So to summarize, the purpose of this post was to show to my frustration and anger on this topic. I’m pretty sure I got my point across, so now I’ll just leave it here. Enough heat generated for the day!

On a side note, an interesting fact about me (or maybe humans in general) is that they perform good under rage. The article above explains it. If I weren’t in a rage while writing this, I would have been under a huge writer’s block, no ideas coming to mind.
Now I’m not saying you should, but keep in mind, if you want someone to perform good, outrage them.

Anyways, see you guys next time! 😉

My predictions for Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 7 and 8

MC:SM Episodes 7 and 8 are due to be released, with a lot of hype about them all over the internet. As you all probably know, Telltale Games announced with the release of Episode 5 back in march, that there would be 3 post season episodes, coming later this year. Of which, Episode 6 was released earlier this month.

My predictions for Episode 7:

Jesse and the gang find themselves in another strange world, after defeating the White Pumpkin. To their surprise, they find that the people of that world are complaining about their rulers being complete tyrants. When the NEW Order of The Stone try to enter the ruler’s palace, a guard says “Access denied.” Jesse and the gang have to find a way to sneak in past the guards, and they find out that the rulers are the Blaze Rods (Aiden and his gang!) And so, another grand battle against the Blaze Rods start. In this episode, the Blaze Rods are far more stronger than what they were in Episode 5.

My predictions for Episode 8:

After defeating the Blaze Rods, the NEW Order of The Stone find a portal that takes them back to the portal hallway, and eventually back to their world. But the portal throws them in the middle of nowhere. So, they have to journey back home, facing a lot of obstacles and other cool stuff in the way, hence to the name “A journey’s end?” However, I have no idea what that question mark’s up to.

So yeah, those are my predictions! I highly doubt that’s what’s going to happen, just putting out what my imagination thinks haha!

Sorry for the short post, and with that, see you all… NEXT TIME!! 😉