Nughair The Grey

Okay guys. This is my first post on my blog! YAY!

Okay let’s get serious.

This post is gonna be on my parrot, Nughair.

Nughair is a Congo red tailed African grey parrot. He hatched in January 2013 (i am not sure of the date). He is a chatter box although he doesn’t speak very clearly. His favorite words are: my name, my sister’s name, my brother’s name, crying like my brother :D, calling the driver, Samsung battery low noises, just to name a few. And he loves to (mimic) sneeze! His favorite food is sunflower seeds, and peanuts. When he is bored, he sits and pulls his feathers out and eats them LOL! Oh, I almost forgot, we really don’t know weather he is a boy or a girl. To figure that out, we need to do a DNA test, which we were lazy to do! So me, my mom, and dad call him a boy, while my sister calls “HIM” a girl. He loves my brother, and every time we take my brother to him, he comes running to greet him. We don’t leave him open in the house, if we do we will have to keep each and every door and window closed. Also, he can mess up the couch etc… and he loves to chew the upholstery. His scientific name is Psittacus erithacus. From my Instagram, you would think Nughair is most attached to me. But nooo! He is most attached to my mom.

Here is a photo of him:


In this photo, taken in May 2013, he is sitting on the couch, trying to eat my dad’s phone!

Hope you enjoyed this post and see you next time 🙂


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