Diesal The Rottweiler

So today I am pretty excited because I had my first riding lesson in 3 years… And it was a surprise lesson!!!

So to let that excitement out, I am blogging about Diesal.

Diesal is our almost 3 year old Rottweiler male. He is pretty annoying and cheeky and isn’t trained at all! Don’t worry, we are working on it :D. He loves to play and is very very very lazy! He annoys us alot by barking when he doesn’t need to but not barking when he needs to :D. But basically he gets the job done so.. it’s ok :D. Oh, and he is “Scary and big” according to the vet but to us he is not scary and big and all those horror stories ( 😀 ) the vet tells us aren’t true! (You can tell that I am running out of info and am starting to get out of topic 😀 😀 )

Here are a couple of pics:

IMG-20131101-WA0006 IMG-20131101-WA0009

Both of these pictures are very old and you can see how young Diesal is. Unfortunately I do not have any current pics of him. I will take some later today and publish them!

See you next time 🙂


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