Izzy-Our Senior Citizen

Everyone meet Izzy the rabbit–our senior citizen!

She is the oldest of all animals we have! She is around 6 years old now and she was born by us. She is also the friendliest of all our rabbits. She is very old so we don’t breed her anymore. She is very tame, and you can handle her without any worries-unlike our other rabbits who go on a scratching spree when you hold them! In-fact, we have to get my brother used to animals so we are bringing Izzy in, to get him used to animals. We aren’t sure what breed she is, she is just a normal domestic house rabbit.

Here’s a video of her:

If you have any questions, you can either get hold of me on my social networks (on my about page) or you can kik me on ‘flyingtothehorizon’

See you next time đŸ™‚


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