Life With a Baby Brother

Hey you guys! I know i haven’t been posting, but I was taking a holiday break! After all, I do have the right to enjoy and give a break…

So, today’s post is about Living With a Baby Brother

Babies are cute, but they are a lot of work. My brother, who is around 9 months old at the moment, cannot even stand up at the moment on his own, but he rules the house very nicely! When he is sleeping, we have to keep Nughair quiet. Otherwise.. (you guessed it). And when Diesal barks… 😀 But yeah. He rules. We have to plan everything according to his timings. We can’t go for a long drive yet, as he hates the car seat and gets quite cranky. Although he is 9 months, he cannot crawl yet, and no teeth have erupted from his gums as yet. The teething problem makes him more cranky, which makes some days good and some bad. But overall, life with a baby (or with babies), is fun. Especially when they see you and welcome you with a laugh (or a coo and a smile in earlier stages) and you can see they are clearly glad to see you! Yeah, at the moment, my brother is quite mobile, (although he can’t crawl yet, he does army crawl),  he goes and starts to pull at the cellphone chargers, reaches the laptop and will pull the charger, which means you have to be alert because he is gonna go wherever he wants and will do whatever he wants! But at the same time, it’s fun to watch him go here and there, especially when he thinks he did a great job and he’ll look at you and start laughing, demanding acknowledgement! He loves playing with toys, but when he is sleepy or in a cranky mood he wants nothing. He’ll pick up anything that comes in his reach and will throw it away. But when he does pick up a toy, and if he really loves it, he’ll show it to you, demanding acknowledgement. And when you give him a french fry, (which is his favorite food), he’ll share it with you and will give it to everyone! But when he is sitting by you and you pick up the cellphone, he’ll want it so bad! So we had an old broken phone lying, so we gave that to him! He adores it…

But yeah, to conclude the story, living with babies is fun, but they are a lot of work as well!

See you next time little Horizon Flyers 🙂


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