The (MOST) Awaited Day of 2015 Is Here!!!


Friday, 16th of January 2015!!! The day that my first riding lesson for 2015 takes place!

I had my first riding lesson finally. Again I was riding Rolo… But not as lazy as last time! This time he was actually eager to move forward! Yeah… sometimes though I had to do some excess kicking to move him on, but in general he was less lazy then last time. (Go back 2 posts to see last time’s pictures).

I have got some pics but I am only posting one coz that has the best angle… but before that you guys have to see my horse riding story below:

Here is the one MasterPic (get it?) that my Mom took from her iPhone… (NOT BRAGGING, DON’T BE FOOLED 😀 just wanted to show you iPhone quality… :/ )


I call this a MasterPic because of his tail was caught in the middle of him swishing flies off!

Okay so that’s about it. But on another note:

I am changing my posting scheme as I cannot keep up with posting everyday. So, I’ll post every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

So yeah! See you guys tomorrow with another post!


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