Random facts about me and my animals

Ya peeps! Today’s post is gonna be some random facts about me and my animals! 20-40 of em! (hold your head guys)

1. I am 12, I turn 13 on July 24(Hey, you know, 13 means old enough for 2 thirds of the internet?)
2. I am homeschooled (Check out my mom’s blog here)
3. I live in South Africa
4. I love animals
5. I play Wolfquest, Minecraft, Car Mechanic Simulator, and fail attempts at Grand Theft Auto
6. I got one sister(Check out her blog here) and one brother (come back to this page 7 years later for his blog πŸ˜€ )
7.Β I am a horse geek
8. I love reading, and am attempting to write my own story. Watch out for it soon!
9. I am proudly made in Pakistan but came to South Africa when I was quite young.
10. My favorite food is Biryani (BTW the Pakistani Biryani, not the South African Biryani πŸ˜€ ).
11. I am very choosy with sweets. I like Dairy Milk, KitKat, and Nestle Swiss. I don’t like Quality Street though (I am the odd one in my family). I also don’t like many candies. I only like Fox Orange and Fox Lemon.
12. I get migraines frequently, am allergic to too much light, and too much sugar.
13. I am nearly as tall as my father
14. I have fallen of 11 times during riding (ouch) thanks to incompetent instructors.
15. I like photography, but the thought of transferring them to my laptop makes me lazy πŸ˜€
16. I love video editing, watch out for a bomb blast on my YouTube channel!
17. I had a fish, but she died πŸ˜₯
18. I am learning to drive around in the driveway of our house
19. Since I don’t go to school, you might think i don’t have any friends at all. But I am on a bunch of Whatsapp groups and BTW I don’t need friends, My family is enough. And I got some on Instagram as well.
20. My favorite hobby is riding.
21. Nughair isn’t sure weather “HE” is a “BOY OR GIRL”!

I am running out of facts! But I hope you guys are glad I finally posted πŸ˜€

See you guys later in the evening, or tomorrow! πŸ™‚


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