My story with snakes (PART 1)

Wow. I’m awesome. I never posted since February. A lot of things have been going on, changed, and yeah! I started cantering, I went on a massive outride with 20+ people, and, a whole lot of things. I won’t go on recapping all the stuff, I can literally go on forever.

So this post is going to be “my story with snakes”. As you can see, now I got quite a lot of snakes. And, I don’t know what, but there is something in snakes, that just freaks people out. Mainly superstitions. But what does a poor snake has to do with it? Why don’t you make a superstition about birds, horses, donkeys, etc etc…? Why only snakes?

Anyways, as I said a lot of people are afraid of snakes. We (my family) were also afraid of them. Then, I had an encounter with a Bush Snake. At that time, I really never knew a lot about snakes, neither did I know how to act if I saw one. Thankfully, that snake was (most probably) non-venomous, and it ran away when it saw me.

Here’s my encounter explained in detail:

We were gone to Durban, for what reason I can’t really remember, it was most probably a business trip we had just come along. So we were staying at a Bed & Breakfast, and we were in the dining room in the morning. After breakfast, me and my sister wandered out, outside our room. Now our room’s door was at the garden. So, we arrived outside our room, and I see this long, green snake, slithering on the patio of our room! I let out a screech on top of my lungs, and started to cry and run back. (We joked later on, that it was good news that snakes are deaf. Otherwise, that snake would have died right there 😀 ) I was ahead of my sister; she couldn’t see the snake. When I screeched, she thought I was playing a game, and she’s laughing! Then, when I started to run back, she only saw the tail of the snake slithering away. The lady who owned the place came with a broom, but the snake was gone and vanished into the bushes on the side. Here’s a picture of what the snake looked like (I got this pic from google, after I realised that what I called a ‘dangerous green snake’ was a Bush Snake):

On the wall of our room, there was a lizard, which was injured and bleeding heavily. We thought, that the snake was maybe trying to catch that lizard, but when I came running it got scared and ran away.

So anyways, after that encounter, the fear of snakes was even heavier on me. I got paranoid sometimes, that “what if a snake came into our house?” “What if I’m playing out and I see one?” But eventually, I got over that paranoid feeling. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t afraid of snakes.

That’s part 1 of my story with snakes so far 🙂
Part 2 coming up now 😉

P.S Hope you guys like my updated blog theme and stuff… Wanted to make it look more like a blog 😛


2 thoughts on “My story with snakes (PART 1)

  1. Assalamoalaikum

    that is superb! it brought back all the memories alhamdulillaah! i like the way you write, its so informal, like you are just talking to the person in front. good going Masha Allaah!


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