My story with snakes (PART 2)


We were then gone to Cape Town for holidays. Before Cape Town, there were a couple of stops. That was our most grand vacation, and the last vacation till now. Anyways, we first stopped at Port Elizabeth, then Plettenberg Bay, then Cape Town.

Between Knysna (an area there, between PE and PB, known for it’s wine farms and breweries) and Plettenberg Bay, there was a snake park, Lynwood Snake Park. We planned that we would go there for the day, and spend our day there. We arrived there just in time; a snake show was about to start. You guessed it, we took part of it 😉 So the snake show started, and that was the first time I was ever so interested in snakes. He unfolded a lot of the myths and superstitions about snakes, and then told us that we can hold the snakes. At first, I was scared and I just said “no”. But after a lot of encouragement from them, I took it into my hand. Okay, in my mind, snakes were all slimy. I discovered after holding this snake, that they aren’t slimy. They’re dry, scaly. Not slimy. After that, I got more and more interested as he showed the different varieties of snakes, the different sizes, and explained the different temperaments. Then, he took a Burmese Python, which grows as big as 6 feet, and put that heavy creature in my neck. Me, my sister, and my father, all had it [i.e the snake] in their respective necks, only then did we manage to distribute the weight. Anyways, cutting it short, by the end of the snake show, we were no longer afraid of snakes, and we had learnt quite a lot of the myths and facts etc…

Then, in 2012, we thought we would get our own snake, and we ended up with a Ball Python baby; Sneaky was his name. (Our neighbours were the first to hold that snake, we were the second 😀 ) After that, we got another baby ball python, Lady. And that did it. Then we picked up lots of corn snakes, boas, burmese pythons, a lot more… by going to expos and websites such as Gumtree, Junkmail. Then, we started breeding them, and yeah! It ended to what we have today! In this process, we got many sick ones that died, sick ones that needed to be sent to hospital, and some losses. But yeah, it’s all called “school fees” in the reptile community.

So that’s my story with snakes complete 🙂

Hope you enjoyed!

P.S. I might do another blog post which will explain that vacation in detail, with all of our adventures, and also if I can find some pics, I’ll upload those as well! 🙂


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