Top 6 pet peeves

Hey ya guys! I’m so excited! 3 more days to go until riding! And why I’m so excited is because of our month of fasting, Ramadan, we weren’t riding for a whole month. So finally, in 3 days, which is 24 July, we go riding again! Plus, 24 July is my birthday! I turn 13! Facebook will gain one more user lol 😀

So today’s post is gonna be some random pet peeves, those that annoy me the most. There are not gonna be a lot, probably around 5-6 of them. They’ll go in a chronological order, biggest to smallest.

1. When people ride without helmets.
They claim that they have a “very strong bond” with their horse and that “their horse won’t try to kill them”. Bro, it’s called “accident” for a reason. I didn’t intend to crash my car into the other one, I lost control of it! That’s why it’s called an “accident”! Likewise, your horse won’t intend to buck you off and crush your head! He spooked, he bolted, he bucked, and you fell off! Your horse obviously didn’t “try to kill you” or “intend to kill you”, it happened by accident! So that’s my biggest pet peeve. A LOT, yes, A CRAZY LOT of you will hate on me, and call me a sissy, while in other cases you’ll just tell me to mind my own business. Take my response to those comments in advance: “I don’t care. That is my biggest pet peeve and I hate it when that happens. Your comments won’t change it; I’ll continue to hate it. You’re just wasting your time.”

2. When I go out in a public place and am asked “aren’t you supposed to be at school?”
I seriously find it so annoying. Like seriously! It’s not your problem if I’m at school or no 😀 Seriously. I can write a whole novel about how much this one question annoys me!! Once I had made up my mind if anyone asks me this question once more I’ll hit him in the face 😀 Like seriously, it’s not your problem!

3. When people speak as fast as lightning
I find it sooo annoying when people chat up a storm in 1 breath. You have to keep on saying “please repeat, this time slower!” And again you only heard “brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” 😀 Then you just go like, “yes,” “yes,” “Hmm,” whereas you really never understood a thing lol 😀

4. When people ask me “Can you upload a selfie? I wanna see how you look.”
What do you care how look? Seriously, why do you wanna see how I look anyways?

5. When some person on Instagram asks me for F4F and I reply “Sorry, animal accounts only” and they reply “I own a dog, a cat, a hamster, a guinea pig and more”
I said “animal ACCOUNTS only”, not “animal OWNERS only”! You own animals nevermind, but your account is all selfies! You can follow me, but I won’t follow you.

6. When people on Instagram don’t read your posts, they just like it
It’s seriously very annoying. The other day, someone had shared a picture on instagram. It read “like this if you hate me” then it said in fine print “this is a test to see who actually reads my posts”. I reposted that, got a whole bunch of likes, then 3 seconds later everyone un-liked it after realizing what they had just liked 😀

So those are my 6 top pet peeves that annoy me THE MOST.

See you guys next post 😉


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