Introduction to Horse & Rider Weekly

So guys I’ve been inactive for a month and 6 days to be precise, and I keep on saying that it’ll never happen again but THAT really never happens.

Anyway, so I actually remembered 2 days ago that I have a blog and I haven’t updated it in ages, so I brainstormed some interesting things to blog about and came up with a new series “Horse & Rider Weekly”.

Basically, as you might have guessed from the name, weekly tips for horse riding. Although I’m not an expert, actually I’m an intermediate, I made a lot of mistakes and my instructors gave me a lot of tips to fix those so I thought I’d share the tips with you all!

So I’m gonna be posting in this series every Friday, with some tip for dealing with a naughty horse, maybe your horse refuses to stand at the mounting block, or you’re having trouble checking your diagonal, etc… from my past experience, or some tips that I read over the web and found them interesting, or maybe something I learned on that day (i.e Friday on my lesson).

If you guys want me to blog about something you’re having trouble with, then simply put them in the comments!

Fridays: Horse & Rider Weekly and a random post
Saturdays: Minecraft Tips & Tricks Weekly (A new series as well, giving short tips and tricks about Minecraft, either survival or creative, or whatever)
Sundays: Random post, typically 2 of them
Rest other days of week: Maybe a random post or maybe nothing

So that’s about it! Enjoy and see you guys next post 🙂


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