Minecraft Tips & Tricks Weekly #1: Random tips for survival

So guys here are some random tips for Minecraft survival! They’re not gonna be plenty, just a few.

  1. When you start off in survival mode, grab wood and only make a pickaxe. Run to the nearest stone available and craft the rest of your tools with that. Don’t waste wood on tools that serve no purpose.
  2. Endermen are neutral mobs unless eye contact is made with them or you hit them. They however need to be killed to get Ender Pearls. The best way is, only hit it with a diamond sword. And look down at it’s feet so it won’t teleport and attack you from behind.
  3. When you attack a creeper with a diamond / iron sword, don’t run back after every hit, just stay glued to it hitting it. It’ll die without exploding. (ONLY APPLIES TO EASY DIFFICULTY AND WITH A DIAMOND OR IRON SWORD)
  4. Besides longer durability, diamond armour and iron armour have no difference. So don’t make diamond armour unless you have a super abundance of diamonds.
  5. NEVER fight a skeleton with a knockback enchanted sword. Use sharpness, smite, or whatever but NEVER knockback. You’ll just be chasing the skeleton around the entire place and he’ll shoot you from where you possibly can’t reach.
  6. Gold hoes are completely useless.
  7. In your house make a 2 block high roof. Endermen will not be able to teleport.
  8. Blaze rods can also be used as fuel in a furnace, with 12 uses instead of 8 as with coal or charcoal.
  9. Use your first 3 diamond to create a pickaxe not a sword. Pickaxe also has attack damage. It’s kind of more economic.
  10. Out of resources? Yet don’t know the way home? Well, just arrange the compass in the crafting table and it’ll point to the spawn point. No crafting required!
  11. Don’t go near that cactus. If you touch it, you’ll get attack damage. (Note that you can punch it even barehand, just don’t go too near it)
  12. Want to protect your house from endermen without compromising on the roof? put water around your house. Endermen will die.

First Minecraft weekly post phew!

Enjoy these, I didn’t have much to write. Also, half of these tips are taken from Minecraft Wiki. So all credits go to their writers!


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