Whiskers – the adorable stray cat

So this post is gonna be on Whiskers. Whiskers is one of the 3 stray cats that came with my dad’s place. She is the friendliest of them all: the other ones run away the moment they see you. She is so friendly that she’ll follow you all over the place and when you sitting inside she’ll rub herself all over your leg. She’s pregnant at the moment (we’ll have some adorable kits in a while) so she’s a bit defensive. She won’t let you come near her if she feels you’re trying to touch her or any of the sorts. She clawed my sister on Saturday. But yeah she’s so adorable just as I’m typing this she’s rubbing on my leg and and just licked my hand (ew)!

Here are some pictures of her





So yeah! She’s adorable isn’t she? Please excuse any typos as I’m typing this on my phone and you know autocorrect… :/ also the photo quality won’t be that good as I’m uploading it on my mobile data so it might compromise on quality.. Idk.

See you guys next post 🙂


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