Jonty – The first ever HORSE I rode

Jonty was the horse I rode in my lesson yesterday. He was the first ever HORSE I rode! Up until now I’ve always been riding ponies. But yesterday I was on Jonty and he was a horse, and my instructor said that I’m the right size for Jonty. So, I’ll always be riding Jonty, I’ll always be riding horses now. I’ve gotten past the pony stage!

Characteristics of Jonty:

Tall with a mega short stride in walk and trot, but gigantic strides in the canter.
Lazy and not willing to jump, I really needed to get on him to jump.
Made me do a lot of leg exercises, meaning I had to constantly keep kicking him.
Doesn’t like horses behind him, tries to kick them.
Bouncy, I kept changing diagonals on him where I never really meant to.
Bouncy, I was flopping everywhere on the saddle during sitting trot and canter.
Sweet and gentle, but I had to be firm with him.
Sensitive on the mouth.

And yeah! Yesterday’s lesson was interesting, we were practicing on straightness, and we kind of jumped a course, 3 jumps! 2 were in a row, but the third one you had to turn and then make the horse jump. So it was fun and interesting, though Jonty only realised toward the end of the lesson how to properly jump. But yeah! Here are some photos of Jonty.

wpid-img-20151031-wa0002.jpg wpid-img-20151031-wa0001.jpg wpid-img-20151031-wa0004.jpg

By the way, you’re not my riding instructor so YOU are no one to correct me on my eq. I’m very well aware that my shoulders are not right, I’m sitting hunched etc…

So yeah, that’s it for today!

See you all next post 🙂


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