Horse & Rider Weekly #9: Tips to boost your confidence while riding

Being confident when riding is one of the core components of riding. And when you’re a beginner, you won’t be that confident. So here I am, giving you some tips to boost your confidence. Remember, these won’t take your confidence to a 100%, but they should help you a bit. Practice makes perfect!

  1. Don’t let your trainer/instructor’s horror stories about your horse get the better of you.
    For some reason they have this annoying – call it “precautional” – habit of saying all sorts of things about your horse. Listen to them, but don’t let them overcome you. They have this habit and they (well in my experience anyway) exaggerate about the horse. Jonty for example, “he kicks hard” and “he has the tendency to stop and start walking backward any moment!”. Name one time Jonty has tried to kick my sister’s horse. Never. But still, the fact remains that he kicks. So do keep a precautionary check, but don’t let it overcome you.
  2. Think positively.
    Think positively about you and your horse. It’s another key component in horse riding. Think positively and be assured that your horse is going to do what you want it to do and will not disobey you or try to run away with you. Trust me, if you feel assured about your horse, your horse will do what you want it to do. Because naturally, when you are feeling assured about something, your body language changes, and – sometimes without you knowing it – you end up MAKING the horse obey you. So thinking positively and feeling assured help A TON in gaining confidence.
  3. Don’t bother what others have to say about your riding.
    When riding/taking lessons at a yard, there will definitely be that one person who stands by the fence passing mocking and sarcastic, sometimes even discouraging remarks about everyone’s riding. And thankfully I haven’t come across any of that sort of a person, but it is a norm. Almost everyone I follow on Instagram have something to say about that kind of a person. So if you ever do bump into that kind of a person, IGNORE HIM COMPLETELY. Just focus on what your trainer/instructor has to say. And even if you don’t have that kind of a person, your other friends might have something to say about your riding. If they’re encouraging comments, well and good. But if they are mocking/discouraging comments, just ignore them. Peer pressure is what affects our confidence; you’ll always be worried about “how do I look?” or “what will my friends say when they see me like this?”. Just ignore them, pretend they don’t exist.
  4. Ask your trainer/instructor for tips.
    I don’t have that many tips to share with you today, but your trainer/instructor should have some that will help you!

So yeah, that’s all what I have for today!

And sorry if today’s post is quite out of point or ungrammatical, I am really typing as ideas come to my mind so it may not make sense.

With that, see you guys next post 🙂


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