Schoemansville club -2015/11/22

So on Sunday we decided to go to Schoemansville club for a picnic! It’s a nice place because it’s located right at Hartbeespoort Dam itself. And where we were, due to the water pulling back due to the drought or low water levels, a beach like thing had formed. We really enjoyed it! And our bench was right at the dam as well, so we could overlook the dam from our bench. My brother enjoyed throwing stones in the water and later got me into the game as well. I also wandered in the dam knee deep and it was fun! The water was filled with algae and when I got out the water there were bits of algae on my leg (ew)! For lunch, we did a barbecue of Naan bread, meat on skewers, cookies on the grill, and finally tea. I was handling the Naan and I either burned them or left them undone. We had made a “mobile kitchen” by keeping all the stuff and food etc. on the back of our bakkie (pick-up). But yeah, it was fun! Here are some photos of the trip.


Our bakkie all packed up and ready to go!


An old windmill along the way overlooking the dam. This windmill is now being used as a lodge.


Our bench site. See how close it is to the dam? Also the hills in the background.


The view of our bench site from the dam


The dam…


The rocky (and unfortunately trash filled) shore!


Our mobile kitchen…


Mobile kitchen…


The barbecue stand…


And the meat on skewers.

Unfortunately I have no photos of the Naan or the cookies, was too busy burning the Naan lol


Cooking the tea on coal. We had to keep it on the coal because the heat wasn’t sufficient to cook it on the grill.

So yeah, that’s all! See you guys next post 🙂


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