Yet another update

What’s going on everyone? I know I’ve been super duper lazy in posting lately, and although a previous blog post said that I’ll be updating the blog regularly throughout the holidays, that never happened. And the holidays are far from over, I still haven’t posted. So now here I am with yet another update for y’all.

I’ll be trying my very best to post AT-LEAST 2 posts every week. My primary focus will be 1) Horse & Rider Weekly, and 2) Gaming Weekly (formerly known as Minecraft Tips & Tricks Weekly). There will be no fixed days as to when the posts will be uploaded, although I’ll try my best to upload Horse & Rider Weekly every Friday, and Gaming Weekly every Saturday. That being said, it doesn’t mean that these will be the only posts on my blog, these are minimum. On the other days of the week I’ll be uploading randomness…? Yeah.

With that being said, I should stop talking and get a move on, shouldn’t I? Well yes I should, so I’m gonna go do just THAT.


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