Tech battle: Swiftkey vs Fleksy vs Google Keyboard

UPDATE 05/10/2016:
As of currently, I am no longer using SwiftKey. In my opinion, the prediction and autocorrect quality of SwiftKey has deteriorated far more than what it was a couple of years ago. The winner currently is: Fleksy!

Original article below.

The Google Play store is filled with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of third party keyboards. “But,” you may ask, “why would I need a third party keyboard when my phone comes with one already?”

If you’re a geek — like me — , then you’ll want to abandon the stock keyboard as soon as possible. My reasons are:
1. The prediction and the autocorrect don’t work.
2. In the stock keyboards, the keys are too small. I always end up pressing two keys at the same time, or pressing other than what I meant to.
3. I like being able to customize my keyboard with themes, etc. So if there’s a reliable option out there, why not?

That being said, the Google Play store is ruled by three major keyboards.

  1. Swiftkey
  2. Fleksy
  3. Google keyboard

Swiftkey and Fleksy are sort of the game changers. Think of them as the GM and Ford in the keyboard industry. Google keyboard is more of a follower. That being said, it was included in Google’s own devices (i.e Nexus) since the beginning, but it wasn’t introduced to the Play store until not so long ago, roughly about a year. And we’ll be reviewing each of them.

  1. Swiftkey
Swiftkey keyboard. Image courtesy of

Swiftkey is one of the oldest keyboards out there. It started out as a paid keyboard, with a small fan base. Later on, their fan base grew, more and more people purchased their keyboard, allowing them to make their prediction and autocorrect technology even better. Then, Swiftkey became free of charge. Fast forward to present and Swiftkey was acquired by Microsoft, is the most famous keyboard on the Android platform, with outstanding AI (artificial intelligence) powered predictions and autocorrect, and at one point it even came pre-installed on flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S4. With a wide selection of themes to customize your keyboard, some free and the majority of them paid.
Overall, Swiftkey is my personal favourite. I’ve been using it for almost one and a half years now with absolutely no worries!
Download Swiftkey now

2. Fleksy

Image courtesy of https:/

Fleksy is the second best keyboard. Fairly new to the Android platform, it has a smaller fan base compared to Swiftkey, but comes with a different approach. The first keyboard to offer GIFs, it was also recorded in the Guinness book of world records as the fastest keyboard out there. It offers a simple, minimal typing experience, and also has the options for add ons. And there’s no denying the fact: Fleksy’s typing experience is faster compared to Swiftkey. The autocorrect and predictions are solid, but not as robust as Swiftkey’s.
I personally prefer Swiftkey over Fleksy. Fleksy may be simple and fast, but maybe it’s a matter of personal preference.
Download Fleksy now

3. Google keyboard
Google keyboard, as mentioned above, is the follower. After seeing Swiftkey’s success over the years, Google decided to launch its own keyboard out there. People downloaded it because, well, it’s Google, but were greatly disappointed. I was one of them too, and in my opinion, it’s not as customizable as Swiftkey or Fleksy, predictions are so so, autocorrect is a disaster (you know, the “typical” autocorrect), and for me on both of my devices, lags often. But many people out there prefer it over the other two, and I guess it really is a matter of personal preference.

So, if you’re sick and tired of your stock keyboard, making typing on your phone a disaster, then definitely check out the options above! And let me know what keyboard you prefer and what are your reasons.

With that, see ya next time 🙂


One thought on “Tech battle: Swiftkey vs Fleksy vs Google Keyboard

  1. Just upgraded my phone from a Samsung S5 to a Sony Xperia X and the inbuilt keyboard is Swiftkey which is very good, I am using the Swiftkey Beta at the moment I like the clipboard option which is very much like the Samsung and very handy for copy and paste multiple items


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