Minecraft: Story Mode episode 6 review

As you all probably know, Minecraft: Story Mode episode 5, which was meant to be the final episode in MC:SM, came out at the end of March. But with it came some good news, TellTale Games announced that there would be three post-season episodes released throughout 2016. That being said, episode 6 came out on the 7th of this month. I haven’t played it, but I’ve watched it and so I’ll be sharing my thoughts on it.


One of the major additions in MC:SM E6 (stands for Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6) is real life Youtubers. Yes, the original MC:SM characters remain, but more are added and are voiced by the respective Youtubers. Few of the additions are: Dan (The Diamond Minecart), Captain Sparklez, StampyCat, Lizzie(LDShadowLady), StacyPlays. However there are also a some new characters that are NOT real life.

The basic plot line is a continuation from episode 5, where after returning from Sky city, they find a portal that would supposedly take them back home. However, Jesse and the gang find themselves in a strange hallway full of portals. They choose a portal and they find themselves in a strange world, which has two moons. They then find an invitation book in a graveyard and strangely enough, a sea of zombies appear. One minute there’s nothing, the minute Jesse starts reading the book and there’s this massive swarm of zombies. Then they reach the mansion of the “host” and meet CaptainSparklez and TorqueDawg (not a real Youtuber). Suddenly, a dispenser overhead activates and kills TorqueDawg. And then, the NEW Order of The Stone find themselves on a mission to uncover who murdered TorqueDawg, and who’s behind that creepy white pumpkin mask.

I was impressed with this episode. Episode 5, in my opinion, had no connection to the past, and also just randomly (I think abruptly is the correct term to use here) ends. Episode 6 has a proper trailer, which points back to Episode 5, and Jesse’s gang finding themselves in the portal hallway. It also has a “Next time on MC:SM”, which Episode 5 lacks. In my opinion, episode 6 was the best episode so far, full of action. However, there still is (was) room for improvement. In my opinion, it would have been loads better if Axel and Olivia were also part of this. Another thing that I liked was the Youtubers were so realistic, for example, Dan’s hair were a different colour every time you met him 😀
Like that’s so ridiculously real.

With that, I think that’s all what I have to say about episode 6!


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