Jonty’s annoying habits

This is going to be a short post, but I’ll talk about some of the *most* annoying habits that Jonty has.

Jonty is a really cute horse, but sometimes will be so mischievous, you can in fact see the word “MISCHIEF” written in both his eyes and his ears. But he’s cute so it’s all good, isn’t it?

  1. Follower mentality.
    It’s really hard to get Jonty to go where you want him to go unless the horse in front is doing it too. To such an extent, he won’t even enter the arena alone. However, as obvious as it may seem, he doesn’t mind not having a horse in front of him when leaving the arena. Silly boy!
  2. NEVER standing still at the mounting block.
    In fact he can never stand. He immediately turns around. However, after a light tap on the shoulder he behaves. Yay to that.
  3. Keeps pulling his mouth, in an attempt to make you lengthen the reins.
    Yes, I understand that your reins shouldn’t be too short. But you’re bound to come across a cheeky, intelligent horse who will make you lengthen the reins to the point where they’re quite literally useless. So be firm. With Jonty, a good ol’ tap on the shoulder does the trick. The look on his face is that which a toddler will give you when he’s caught being cheeky and he didn’t expect you to catch him. Like, “what, I never….”. So cute and silly!
  4. Slowing down every stride, so very subtly.
    You’ll only realise when you were keeping up with the horse in front of you for quite some time, and then suddenly you find yourself trailing behind. Did that horse go too fast? No, he didn’t, but in fact, it was indeed Jonty who slowed down so subtly. Silly Jonty.

I think that’s all what I have for today :/

With that, see you all next post.


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