My predictions for Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 7 and 8

MC:SM Episodes 7 and 8 are due to be released, with a lot of hype about them all over the internet. As you all probably know, Telltale Games announced with the release of Episode 5 back in march, that there would be 3 post season episodes, coming later this year. Of which, Episode 6 was released earlier this month.

My predictions for Episode 7:

Jesse and the gang find themselves in another strange world, after defeating the White Pumpkin. To their surprise, they find that the people of that world are complaining about their rulers being complete tyrants. When the NEW Order of The Stone try to enter the ruler’s palace, a guard says “Access denied.” Jesse and the gang have to find a way to sneak in past the guards, and they find out that the rulers are the Blaze Rods (Aiden and his gang!) And so, another grand battle against the Blaze Rods start. In this episode, the Blaze Rods are far more stronger than what they were in Episode 5.

My predictions for Episode 8:

After defeating the Blaze Rods, the NEW Order of The Stone find a portal that takes them back to the portal hallway, and eventually back to their world. But the portal throws them in the middle of nowhere. So, they have to journey back home, facing a lot of obstacles and other cool stuff in the way, hence to the name “A journey’s end?” However, I have no idea what that question mark’s up to.

So yeah, those are my predictions! I highly doubt that’s what’s going to happen, just putting out what my imagination thinks haha!

Sorry for the short post, and with that, see you all… NEXT TIME!! 😉


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