My Opinion On: Putting animals to sleep


It’s fairly common in today’s time: an animal was sick so he was euthanised. And I’m not even talking about the animals that are unlawfully taken and euthanised, I’m talking about animals that the owners themselves kill. They think they are being merciful, but in reality they are just plain murderers.

Think about it, you take a human to hospital. The nurse says, “he’s critical”. So you say, “Put him out of his misery”. Can you? It’s definitely not easy, maybe even impossible. So, how do these people kill their own animals? I can never.

Killing something is not easy, especially something that’s not doing you any harm. Yet these people take their animals to the euthanasia room with their own hands, and walk out strutting like they did a good deed, yet a poor, innocent animal lost his life. Why? Simply because they didn’t want him any more.

There are 2 types of animal murderers that I know of:
1. Killing an animal because he’s sick.
2. Killing an animal because they don’t want him anymore

Both the types of murders that are listed above are equally horrible. Let’s say we replace the animals with humans, namely, our loved ones. I’ll give you 2 scenarios below.

A family member falls ill. You know he’s critical. His chances of survival are 50/50. You know you’re going to get a hectic bill from the hospital. So, you decide to take him to the euthanasia room, and then you strut around the world as if you’re a hero, and you brag all over social media that you put him out of his misery and that you were merciful to him.

A family member grows old and weak, unable to do any work. You look at him as a burden; a big expense on your shoulders for nothing. In simple terms: you want to get rid of him. So, you take him to the euthanasia room, leave him in there, and walk out, not guilty at all.

How gruesome and outrageous do the above scenarios sound? Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying that animals should be treated like family; I’m not that extreme. Obviously, family takes priority. But, I mentioned family to make the scene clear in your head.

Now think, when we do it to animals, doesn’t it sound similar to the scenarios above?

I could write a novel about this topic, how much it frustrates me.

But now, we come to the animals that are unlawfully taken away. If I’m mistreating an animal, you’ll come, take my animal away from me, but to where? To the euthanasia room. Why? What wrong did the animal do? And that’s what really pisses me off, because you know what they claim? They claim that they were being merciful to the animal, and now this is the best part: they murdered an animal in the best interest of the animal. Words cannot describe how much this thing frustrates me; even while writing this, my fingers are becoming agitated and my mind is firing out paragraphs in rage.

So to summarize, the purpose of this post was to show to my frustration and anger on this topic. I’m pretty sure I got my point across, so now I’ll just leave it here. Enough heat generated for the day!

On a side note, an interesting fact about me (or maybe humans in general) is that they perform good under rage. The article above explains it. If I weren’t in a rage while writing this, I would have been under a huge writer’s block, no ideas coming to mind.
Now I’m not saying you should, but keep in mind, if you want someone to perform good, outrage them.

Anyways, see you guys next time! 😉


4 thoughts on “My Opinion On: Putting animals to sleep

  1. slmz
    interesting article and i agree one hundred percent except with the last bit. i dont think we can perform better when enraged. actually we can do stuff which we may regret later while we are in a temper. as Rasulullah SAW has also taight us to never give way to our rage. rather we should control it. but yeah when you feel strongly about something but can keep your emotion in check then you will acheive good work.

    carry on writing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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