A tragic Minecraft experience

Wow. So just a few days ago, I wrote a post on tips for surviving the Nether. Looks like the Ghasts in my world weren’t happy with that. Well, I’ll tell you a story about my experience in Minecraft.

I had this survival world for 3 weeks. I started out as just any random survival player; punching trees and gathering resources, making a house, making a bed, mining etc. However, I got exceptionally lucky, in fact, luckier than I have ever been in a survival world. I’ll tell you why.

I started a Mineshaft going down until I struck a cave. A cave filled with iron and Redstone. However, there was a one-block hole in the floor I didn’t notice, underneath which there was a pool of lava. You can imagine what would’ve happened. I did lose quite a lot of stuff, however, I didn’t lose everything. You see, before I (my Minecraft self) died, I managed to swim in the lava as close to land as possible. That way, when I died, a few of my stuff burnt in the lava, but quite a lot of it popped out on land. My spawn point was at my house, and I had seen my stuff pop out on land. I immediately went down the mineshaft, vary of the hole this time. I expanded the hole in the floor so I could go down and collect my stuff. I managed to retain my helmet and leggings, however, I lost my chest plate and boots. I then blocked the lava out with cobblestone and carried on exploring the cave.

As if my death had something to do with it, I found diamonds. I however first mined the iron and Redstone, went back up to my house, smelted the iron and replenished my tools that I had lost in my (not so tragic) death.

I went back down the mineshaft a Minecraftian day later, all ready to mine the diamond. I mined around the diamond (which you should always do, to make sure there’s no lava or anything around) and to my surprise, I found 5 diamonds. I made sure there was nothing left to mine in my reach (there was a lot of stuff that was right next to lava; I was in no mood to even attempt mining that). I went back up into my house and crafted myself a diamond sword and pickaxe; thus finishing my diamonds, but come on, what else should you make?

After a few Minecraftian days, I went back down into the mineshaft and found obsidian. Score! I mined the obsidian with much difficulty due to the lava surrounding it. I went back up in my house (sorry for saying that so many times) and made myself a Nether portal.

I then wrote my tips on surviving the Nether post, mostly as a motivation for myself and points for me. Until yesterday, I geared up the courage and went into the Nether.

Everything seemed to be going well. I survived 2 ghast attacks, accidently stared at an Enderman but killed it. However, during one of the Ghast battles, a fireball landed on the roof of the Nether near the portal, and a lava fall started, surrounding my portal with lava. To top it up, I was afraid of blocking the lava off because of 2 magma cubes in the vicinity. I then performed a neat little magic trick and got rid of the magma cubes (I quickly turned my difficulty to peaceful causing them to despawn, then turned my difficulty up again.)

I then started to block off some of the lava by placing cobblestone around the portal. And that’s when the real tragedy hit.

A ghast didn’t like the fact that I gave tips on fighting ghasts in my blog post. He shot a fireball at me. It missed. However before I could move, he shot a second one which pushed me into the lava fall. Within seconds, I died. And as far as I could remember, I heard all my stuff burning. As I respawned, I immediately turned my difficulty to peaceful and went back into the nether, to verify the loss of my stuff. The results were exactly what I had expected. All my stuff burnt down. Not only that but also a huge pit of fire right at my portal.

Stricken with tragedy, I went back into the overworld. I’d have to start, everything from scratch. Fortunately, I had kept back some stuff in my chest back home, so as to give me a kick start, but still. I lost all my diamond tools, my cobblestone, my torches, my armor. And I doubt if I would be able to get myself established again.

I am now confused with two choices. And I need your opinion on what you would do in this type of a scenario.

Choice #1: Start afresh with a new world, or
Choice #2: Start afresh in the same world, so you can utilize the little stuff you had.

Please comment below what would you do in this type of a scenario! And I’d like to offer my condolences to CrazyMiner02, who was so tragically killed by a ghast.

Quite a dramatic and action filled post! Everything mentioned above, by the way, is real and not made up. With that, see you guys next time!


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