Book 1: The End of The Dragon



The world of Minecraftia has been around forever. However, one day Notch was working on an experiment and the result was not what he expected. A huge dragon appeared in the Ender dimension and immediately attacked Notch. Notch did manage to flee, however, the world of Minecraftia was stricken by terror. Until one day, Charlie takes it on his shoulders to free the world from the oppression of the Ender dragon. Will he succeed? Or will his dream remain a dream forever?



If there’s one thing that I hated my whole life, it would be exploring. I just couldn’t take it. Even if I were given everything I ever wanted, I still wouldn’t go exploring. Basically, the whole idea behind exploring was that someone is too coward to go and discover new land, so they send me to survive and bring them back the treasures from that land.

Anyhow, I could go on forever about how much I hated exploring. As much as I hated exploring, I really had no choice. The only job I could get to survive was exploring. My chances of survival were not certain either way, so I just had to go for it. It was a firm that essentially sent explorers wherever they possibly could. The firm had a total of 150 employees at the time, and before that, they had sent around 300 explorers to various places who never returned. Nobody knew what had been made of those poor people.

I was employed by that firm, however, I was kept on standby. Any minute they would pick out a random person from standby and send them to a random place. Luckily, though, my turn never seemed to come for quite a while. And, I overheard my bosses whispering something along the lines of “he doesn’t look like he has much potential in him. We’ll send him in the very last.” Anyway, I won’t go on about the time when I was on standby. I’ll skip right over to when my turn actually arrived.

It was early in the morning when I pitched up to work as usual. I went over to the board where they had a list of explorers they would send to some place or the other, and my name was in there. My heart literally skipped a beat. I started preparing for my death, and then suddenly a huge wave of anger filled in me. Time went by pretty quickly as I went on thinking many different things at the same time. One of my bosses walked over to me and said:

“Charlie, please come into my office.”

‘Wow. At least he even said “please”!’ I thought, as I walked into his office – or into my room of death, as I called it.

He handed me a map with directions drawn over it and said gruffly:

“You may go now. Good luck. And remember, if you steal anything, your death is imminent. Every bit of treasure you find must come here! Understand?”

My voice barely came out of my mouth but I managed to say:

“Um, okay sir.”

Suddenly, it felt as if all the energy I had in me washed out. My legs couldn’t seem to support me any longer. I did, however, manage to walk out of the office and start following the directions on the map.



The journey was not very easy. The directions drawn on the map led me towards a ‘Minecraftian consul’ and I had no more of an idea as to what this place was than you do. Filled with anger and hatred, I eventually reached my destination. There was a person at the reception who had a very rude and more importantly, arrogant look on his face. I walked over to him and said:

“Hi there.”

“What’s your deal?” He asked roughly.

“Well, I’ve been sent by this firm and I was told that all arrangements have been made with you? I have no idea what I’m heading for.” Said I.

Without any indication or acknowledgement, he got up and walked away. After what seemed like hours, he came back with a huge stack of papers.

“Well, first you need to fill these papers. Then, we will process them before you are granted permission into the world of Minecraftia. We have no say on how long it will take. Typically, it takes around a week or two.” He said, and he pointed towards a staircase and said:

“There’s a hotel upstairs. Your room is L256. Take this and go.”

He handed me a piece of paper which had my name written on it and below it ‘Room L256. Permission granted by office of the Minecraftian ambassador.’

“Oh, and don’t forget to fill in these papers within an hour!” He screamed.

I shook my head and went up the stairs. There was a guard standing there next to a gate that was closed. I showed him the piece of paper which had been given to me. He took it, stamped on it a dozen times and let me in. As I passed him he said:

“Oh, don’t mind that rude guy at the reception. He has some sort of an ego issue, but the best part is he is only here once a week, on Mondays. The other guys are okay.”

I nodded in acknowledgement – there really was nothing to say and settled into my room.

Anyway, in a nutshell, I stayed at the Minecraftian consul for 3 weeks. After that, I was called down to reception and was given a stamped letter which essentially granted me permission to enter the world of Minecraftia. That was when that queasy feeling returned in my stomach. I knew I was headed to my death. I got my few belongings from my room and asked the person at the reception:

“Now what do I do?”

He pointed to a door which had a label ‘departure’. I nodded and went towards that door, took a deep breath and went inside.

What I saw inside there would make even the bravest of explorers terrified. It was something huge, with a dark purple frame and pink swirly mass inside, and it had a loud and overwhelmingly creepy noise coming out of it. It was really weird because I could see the other side of the room through this. On the top of the frame there was a sticker that read:

Step 1: Overtake the portal and go to the desk on the other side.
Step 2: The person on the desk will take the papers and keep them.
Step 3: Return back to this side of the portal and step inside.

I overtook the portal – if this was what this was called and handed over all my papers that I had. She took all the papers and said rudely:





That was the last thing I remembered, apart from stepping into the portal. Once I was in the portal, I just couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t remember why I was here, or who sent me. I doubt I could even remember who I was. Anyhow, it felt as if I was in that portal forever. I never felt hungry, neither thirsty. There were a couple of things that gave me an indication that the portal journey was about to come to an end. Firstly, the dizziness stopped. Secondly, my memory started coming back to me, although really fuzzy and something more like a dream rather than the past. I really don’t know how long I stayed in that stage for: it was indeed a really long time.

The portal journey ended quite dramatically. I really don’t know how it happened because I had passed out. However what I saw when I woke up was both worrying, and fascinating at the same time. The worrying part was that I saw no apparent way of going back to where I came from. And the fascinating part was, that I was in the middle of the jungle, except that everything was just weird. I could make out different stuff such as trees, ground, vines and a lot of stuff that I didn’t yet know, however, everything was made out of blocks. Like stackable blocks that snapped onto each other. That’s literally how it looked like.

I for the first time realized how hungry and thirsty I was. I also realized for the first time that I was lying on my tummy on the ground. Goodness knows for how long. I eventually gathered up my energy and stood up. I looked around me, expecting another one of those “portals” so that I could go back to where I came from. That was when I started feeling all queasy again, but the fascinating sights of the jungle quickly ceased my fear and at once my mind started thinking about the most important aspect of life: survival.

It was around noon when I stood up. I started looking around me, looking for food and/or water. I walked about in the jungle until I came across an entire row of signs that read:

Are you new around here? Well, you must be since this is one of the most desolate places in Minecraftia. Anyhow, if you’re an explorer sent by a firm – like me, then I’ll give you some handy hints for immediate survival. Firstly, punch the trees and you’ll get wood. Secondly, make planks out of the wood. Thirdly, make yourself a crafting table with those planks. Fourthly, make a sword and a pickaxe. Lastly, run away from this jungle as fast as you can because there’s absolutely no food in this place. And whatever you do, BEWARE OF NIGHT TIME! Good luck.

‘Oh, what a kind explorer who actually returned to this place to guide a newcomer.’ I thought.

I walked over to the nearest tree and started punching a block of wood, and behold, that wood block popped out as a smaller version onto the ground. I picked it up and put it into my pocket. I started punching the second block and like so, I broke down the whole tree. I then took the wood blocks and split them up into planks as fast as possible.

‘Wow, I’m a pro at this already!’ I thought.

I then made myself a crafting table and made myself a sword by first making some wood into sticks, then assembling the stick and the wood planks together. I then sharpened the sword on the edge of my crafting table until it couldn’t be sharpened any more. I then punched the crafting table and put it into my pocket. I did, however, hold the sword in my hand and just as the sign had said, I ran away. Yes, I literally ran away from the jungle.

At sunset, I finally arrived in a plain. There was an occasional tree here and there but otherwise, it was mostly flatland. I looked at the sunset and repeated the words of the sign to myself: “And whatever you do, BEWARE OF NIGHT TIME!”

‘How am I going to survive this night?’ I thought to myself.

I sat under a tree with my sword next to me, thinking about how I’m going to survive the night. I had forgotten the whole thing about going back to my bosses and giving them what I find here. Perhaps it was just that I had made up my mind that there is no escape from this place and that I’m simply here to stay forever. I kept my eyes and ears open and was thinking about what to do in the morning. I was thinking whether I should build a temporary shelter or I should keep wandering until I found a house. I instantly went with the option of building a temporary shelter in the morning. That would keep me safe until I found a house.

‘But wait,’ I thought to myself, ‘will I even find a house or will I just build one in the morning? I don’t need to build too fancy of a house, do I?’

As I went on thinking about what to do, I fell asleep. And I only knew that once I woke up. I woke up at sunrise precisely. I immediately stood up and picked up my sword, making sure there was nothing in sight. I started wondering what was so dangerous about the night anyway.

‘Except for the fact that It’s dark, what else is wrong with night? That guy must be a coward.’ I thought, and almost immediately regretted it, for I really saw what was dangerous with the night.

It was something green and it wore purple and cyan clothes. It had a disgusting smell coming out of it. It was making an awful noise. But the worst part was that it was on fire. Later I learnt that it was a zombie and that zombies and other monsters cannot survive in the day: they get on fire. But during the night they wander all over the world looking to attack people. But I only learnt that at a later stage – I did not know this at that time.